About us

After his study, Michel Secrève, the founder of Select Estate Financieringen, started his career in the insurance and financial branch. Many years of practical experience and specific courses have kept him on top of the market since then. 


The purchase of a private property and the relevant mortgage loan is for us the starting point. Together with our clients, we will work on a financial plan, that is suitable for the current situation as well for the future planning. 


To be able to give the best (financial)advice, we analyse all relevant information, the financial position and personal needs of the clients. 


By the use of a financial analysis plan, we are able to work out various scenarios regarding costs and monthly payments. We will give professional advise and provide our client with all the relevant information to help them choose the most suitable mortgage loan. Of course, we will always respect the clients personal wishes or preferences. 


It is our aim to develop a trusting and professional relationship with our clients, which lasts 

longer than the transfer date at the notary. It is not an one time advise we give. It is a continuous process for future planning, which needs to be fine tuned, keeping in mind new developments for mortgages and taxes. 


With pleasure and enthusiasm we would like to welcome you in our office and look forward to 

starting a new relationship and working together on a secure financial future.